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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz live in new york. who will blink? a government shut down looms and time is running out to approve a government spending bill. heavy rains and hurricane force winds battle the pacific northwest and parts of canada. drail president benning -- israeli president benjamin netanyahu will meet the president obama tomorrow. ft.
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how easy are disdents to cross over. the deadline is fast approaching by monday add midnight, congress must pass a spending bill. right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. the government will shut down on tuesday. this morning, the house did send its version to the senate. something the senate will likely reject, not until tomorrow. jean meserve reports. >> the blame game. >> terribly destructive, totally unnecessary. >> the president is saying, i will shut down government if you don't give me everything i want on obamacare. >> in the wee hours of sunday morning, the republican controlled house of representatives did pass a bill. but the democratically
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controlled senate has already promised to reject it because of two amendments tacked on in the house. one delays for a year implementation of the affordable care act so-called obamacare. the other eliminates a tax on medical devices such as wheelchairs that would partially fund the health care law. mr. obama's existing health care law is the real bone of contention. conservative republicans have tried repeatedly to repeal it and in was the goal here. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff. give us what we want on the affordable care act we're going to shut the country down on the debt. democrats haven't been willing to address their issues. >> so far majority leader harry reid says i'm not willing to
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compromise, even talk. we will not shut down the government but there is no clear way to avoid it. >> senate where art thou? >> some house republicans rallied saturday, urging the senate to come back and take action but there is no sign that either party is softening its position and at the moment no obvious way to avoid a shut down at midnight account monday. jean meserve ab washington. tsa screefners and border -- screeners and border patrol officers would remain working. passport and vee is a visa appls would be delayed. a second of two huge storms is pounding the pacific northwest. hurricane force winds and heavy
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rains inthoofg that area. katherine barrett is live in seattle. what are you seeing out there tonight? >> well, jonathan, conditions have deteriorated really just in the hour that i've been standing working out here. earlier today, it was a fairly decent respite from torrential rains and winds of yesterday. what's coming in now this evening though, the national weather service calls the strongest storm in memory for september. this area we don't usually see storms like this until late november and into the winter months but again near hurricane force winds forecast in some areas, the hardest hit windiest areas are likely to be in peujts northwest of seattle in the san juan islands and north whidbey island, potential for widespread
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power outages in those areas. it is a tough time for trees in the area because they still have their leaves. that makes them grab the wind more, grab the water more, and potentially have more breakage and effect on power lines. winds of 50, 60 miles per hour, that would close the aging 520 bridge that crosses lake washington. jonathan. >> we know this is the second storm in recent days. how did the earlier storm complicate matters tonight? >> well, that storm broke a 65-year-old record for rainfall, almost two inches. 1.71 inches of rain fell saturday. and i can tell you based on standing outside in the wind and the wet at my son's soccer game it was nasty, rain coming
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sideways in or th torrents. it could exacerbate the possibility of trees coming down. jonathan. >> katherine barrett, stay safe. thank you. standing by in the weather center to talk about that storm. >> not the best combination with rain and wind. that ground is so soggy that will blow down trees, catch the wind like she mentioned. the wind will be the big problem now and this is the line, the front that's moving through, it's about to move through seattle, already pushed the northwestern part of the state. already seeing wind gusts 70 to 80 miles an hour. the storm is just off the coast. here is the front, you saw that line on the radar and the wind behind that will really pick up about it will be a sudden change in wind direction and speed and continue to gust throughout evening. a explosive storm, really dropping, front trailing to the
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south is what's triggering the showers and storms and gusty wind. over the south, the center of plsh moves over the coast inland and here is the wind picking up with more rain, wind will continue, those lines you don't normally see that, equal pressure lines, gusty winds, snow in the higher elevations. number of storms, i'll have that coming up later. >> thanks dave. president obama greets israel's president benjamin netanyahu. >> this tense photo op, israel's prime minister in his first term. threats made by the u.s. ignored or flat out rebuct rebuked by bn
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netanyahu. but in his second term obama has been trying another tack. his first foreign trip after reelection. it was meant to smooth over the rough relationship but the president's recent speech at the united nations might have made that tougher. he appeared to be pressuring israel on what he says is his two stop foreign capitol -- issues. >> would have ooh profound positive impact on the entire middle east and north africa. >> on iran the president isn't talking about attacking but talking. putting the focus on the a diplomatic solution. he literally drew everyone a picture at the u.n. last year, he wants a red line drawn, a convincing threat of boimg
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sooner not later. >> almost taking off the table the possibility of a military strike. but the president wants from netanyahu is time, patience, let the americans pursue the diplomatic approach, see where it goes if all else fails trust the united states to take care of it. >> the media blitz by the iran's new president, hassan rouhani, a moderate compared to his predecessor. >> najad was a gift that kept on giving for the iran haters and chest thumpers around the world. the joke in teheran, and i don't know if it's maybe not even a joke is with the departure of ahmadinejad, the iranians lost their best in teheran.
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>> tough words from the president and a definitive time line. if he doesn't get it, the relationship might look a lot less like this but this once again. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. thanks for being in. >> a pleasure. >> when president obama meets with president netanyahu tomorrow, what will be the biggest thing, iran or the mid east crisis? >> the real challenge with israel, having movement on the peace process. unfortunately netanyahu uses iran as a sort of distraction from his government living up to its obligations with regard to the palestinians, so i think that dynamic will be in place. >> is that a strategy with the prime minister? he does not trust iran for a good reason, says this charm
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offensive basically bogus activity. is this a good position for his point? >> might being for his domestic coalition which reliance on the far right, it is not in iran's interest, finance minister lapid said, why don't we test iran out and see if there is sort of actions to match the rhetoric? it does not make sense to at least explore that path somewhat. >> so why is he so reluctant to explore that path? >> again i think we have to explore israeli interest, there is absolutely, and netanyahu's political interest. >> do you think he's playing politics at home, appeasing the hard liners? >> netanyahu is a very narrowly focused prime minister, no question.
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>> especially alienating the united states? >> this would be consistent with all of his previous behavior. >> but there is a lot of concern within israel of losing that rubber stamp approval that the united states has usually given othat state to launch in theory an attack against iran if it's cawnl for? >> i think fundamentally, the united states and israel are going to have a close relationship. the question is, what type of friend are you, a friend that enables and doesn't call another friend into account even though it's in their long term best interest is not a real friend to that country. so i think the united states is going to need to exercise a little bit more sort of a broader spectrum of actions with israel in israel's best interest. >> okay, we'll see awhat happens this week when prime minister
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netanyahu speaks to president obama. thank you very much. >> thank you. an air strike hit a school in the rebel held city of roca, claiming to show the aftermath, insurgents control that city but it's been bombed repeatedly. organization called the islam army, now the biggest armed group fighting the assad regime. more on the impact. >> rebels fighting in the outskirts of damascus have united but not under the banner of the free syrian army. the new group called the islam army, 40 groups mainly seen as religiously moderate. a political leader appears here saying the army would be more efficient and well organized. he calls on other rebel
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groupings to join the new army. this isn't the only setback for the free syrian army. only afew weeks ago, the most powerful group in aleppo merged with another group. moderates are also distancing themselves from the muslim front which the u.s. government calls a terrorist organization. but on the ground they still fight together. fighters from the muslim front and other brigades launched an early morning attack to control the border crossing. hours later, they celebrate what they describe as a major victory. dara is the main crossing between syria and jordan.
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it was closed by the syrian government seven months ago. >> there's still snipers positioned in a building but it's just a matter of a few days before we have the upper hand. >> but the fight is far from over. government forces shell the area constantly and the rebels are still positioned here, taking cover behind sandbags. neighboring jordan has repeatedly voiced concerns over the number of fighters in syria. countries like the u.s., france and britain have been trying for months to train and equip what they consider a moderate secular opposition that would take over if the syrian regime collapses. hashama abada al jazeera. armed group claimed responsibility for the westgate
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mall attack, was in retal tal -- retaliation of kenya's incursion into southern somalia in an statement to eliminate al shabaab. this is garissa town in northeastern kenya along the border between kenya and somalia. suspected al shabaab militias have been carrying out attacks. >> it is the gateway to nairobi, but nobody has been suspect of incurks into somalia. >> the kenyan government called its operation in somalia, swahili for protecting our nation, but the protection of the nation has come with a
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price, the killing of hundreds of kennians by al shabaab fighters. some of they are attack happened at places of worship, killed 17 people in this church, few are confident enough to come and worship here. tight security around the church is not enough to reassure them. >> many still fear coming here. attendance is, however, steadily increasing. we get up to 80 worshipers on sundays. >> people here believe that al shabaab used attacks in the region to test the strength and resolve of kenya's security agencies before taking their offensive to the capital nairobi. >> had we prevented this thing from happening here, what would have happened in the west would not have happened but they took
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us for granted. >> unable to preefngh prevent te killings, province in the past, this is what happened last november, when three soldiers from the kenyan mill treasurer were shot dead in the town. within hours gariza town was on fire as the military come into the area with the town marg them with their vengeance. >> my advice to the people concerned is the strength in the system coordinate very well, consult and bring on board all the stakeholders. >> with its people terrorized both by a known gunman they know only too well, gariza residents hope government action helped by the attack in nairobi will finally help to bring their
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suffering to an end. when we come back, they're called golden dawn, using -- nazi tactics. growing population of violent teen aged criminals.
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millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> coming up next... the premier of "budrus" >> the primary concern of the fronts is security that trumps everything >> how could a wall designed to divide, unite israelis and palestinians
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al jazeera america presents... "budrus" premiers next >> and welcome back to al jazeera merrick. america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. group has stoked a lot of anger, it uses nazi like symbols. but the crack down on the golden dawn group has sparked protests. barnaby phillips has more. >> end of a dramatic day in athens. this sudden change in the far right party's fortunes will
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delight many greeks. but not all. supporters of golden dawn gather to protest against the arrests. furious at this turn of events. >> golden dawn is here. we cannot be imprisoned. >> we see the leaders of golden dawn being taken away from police headquarters under escorts. since the restoration of democracy in 1974. it seems clear that the greek state is now determined to crush golden dawn. >> golden dawn tried to test the endurance of democracy. today they received their answer. my criminal report towards the supreme court prosecutor was created the possibility for the first time to bring together many pending cases against
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golden dawn. so that near nazi phenomenon can be dealt with as a criminal organization. >> golden dawn surged in power and popularity as greece's economy collapsed. it wants to leave greece and used against ethnic minorities. but the murder of an ethnic rapper, the crack down against golden dawn will be welcomed by countries across europe but could lead to more instability in greece. if golden dawn is forced out of parliament, against a backdrop of economic collapse and widespread disgust with the entire political collapse. barn bibarnaby phillips, al jaz.
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>> are marriana sanchez. more from peru. >> a city in the gru grip of a h crime wave. police search for drugs and signs of gang membership. >> this is our daily routine. we are working on preventing crimes. we are after thieves, drug traffickers and those who are taking drugs. >> but police have to work harder these days in part by this man, alexander perez became a legend among young offenders, at least five others he orchestrated a mass escape of teenagers from a correctional center from lima in january. 15-year-old arian claims to be a hit man. he says he looke looks up to pe.
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>> i get pate around $600 for one person. i kill for money. >> according to police, some of the most violence criminal groups in the country operate from here in northern peru. but state officials say in the city of porkea which is the third largest in the country 45% of the homicides imhitte committ year were perpetrated by minors. trujillo's chief prosecutor says that makes them easy prey for gangs. and the law has yet to catch up. >> minorminors can only get up x years. >> wants to see harsher sentence he for young criminals. a teenager from her own
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neighborhood killed her husband, police officer pedro ordillo. >> i can't understand how he could do it, he had such a kid's face. the sentence was so low, he was sentenced to only six years. punishing juvenile hit men as adults, implementing programs for vulnerable youth. but vanessa has decided to move away with her children. she fears mer family will be targeted again as more and more children here turn to a life of crime. mariana sanchez, al jazeera, peru. >> michael eaves is here with our sports. bad injury in baseball. >> if the los angeles dodgers are going omake it to the world series, they have to do it
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without matt kemp. shut down for the remainder of the season due to bone swelling in his left ankle. multiple injuries limited kemp to only 75 games this season. the cleveland indians won against the minnesota twins, in the nfl, the seahawks did something today they had never done: started a season 4-0. thanks a comfortable road win against texas. seattle wins it on a 43-yard field goal in ot. that's a look at your sports headlines, more sports ahead including a rare feat in major league baseball if.
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>> poaching killing wild animals has become the nation's worst case. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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[[voiceover]] every day, events
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz and here's a look at the headlines. the federal government faces a shut down on tuesday if a spending bill does not pass both houses of congress. it would delay the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. house republicans have already rejected that bill. the second of two huge storms is pounding the pacific northwest near hurricane force winds and heavy rains are moving into the area. the first of this weekend storms has already brought a month worth of rain and the storm is
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now moving towards parts of canada. president obama greets israel's prime minister benning mannetanyahu tomorrow. on top of the program, the israel peace process. netanyahu is expected to address the u.n. general assembly on tuesday. monday night at midnight, if the deadline ask missed, the government will shut down. the senate will likely shut down the house bill tomorrow. raylynn johnson has more on what's a blame game. >> a rare weekend session of the house and emotions are running high. >> the republican majority will vote to shut the government down. >> and republicans say democrats are missing the point because they are too tied to obamacare.
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>> why are we doing this? number one, this is a program that is too expensive to afford. >> as both sides watch the clock and wait, the blame game takes center stage. >> the house last night at 12:30 in the morning voted to keep the government open, to keep it fully funded but the house responded to millions of americans who are hurting under obamacare and i think the senate needs to do the same thing. >> what you see in the house is speaker bjor boehner has turnede gavel over to member cruz. >> as time runs out, neither side seems willing to give. >> what if democrats said we're going oshut down the government if we don't -- to shut down the government if we don't get what
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we want? >> meanwhile the main sticking point in all of this, obamacare, is still slated to kick in this week. raylynn johnson, al jazeera. >> this isn't the first time the government has faced a shut down. since 1976 our country has been in the situation 17 times. the shortest shut down lasted just a day. the most recent one began in december of '95 and lasted three weeks ending in january of 1996. costing the government nearly a billion dollars. i talked to dan gerstein about the looming crisis. >> a government shut down is never a great idea, unfortunately because there is lack of communication between the president, between the speaker, because relationships have not gone particularly well over the last few of years the only way to get attention to the problems that the house members,
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remember house members right now in the republican caucus represent the most conservative republicans, most conservative in the country. they want their red meat. they want obamacare out the window. unfortunately we are headed to a government shut down and i think all sides are going to be affected on it. >> dant democrats -- can't the democrats move a little bit on obamacare? >> they could, but the president is sticking to it, to a certain degree he's partly responsible for this extremist tactic you are seeing from the republicans because they don't fear him. they have no fear of the president. and the consequences for opposing him and trying to sabotage his presidency. you see this pattern where they got increasingly hostile even against their own self interest as a party. not particularly well, i think that's a great understatement.
11:35 pm
the last five years you're seeing like a dysfunctional marriage. the couple bickering the same fight over and over and over again. they are tuning them out. >> aren't the american people fed up with this? aren't -- isn't there a lot of fury? why do american people continue to fight? >> they're fighting like three year olds, we're talking about syria and gassing its own people, we've moved on from that. dan and i think, there's a huge opening for a legitimate third party because america right now is just fed up with both parties. everything today is about politics. it's not about the republicans at the last minute here throwing contraceptives into obamacare. the democrats who haven't passed a budget this five years, it's
11:36 pm
about the president calling the speaker of the house and we're going to have a shut down. >> the senate democrats have not come to work on a sunday is an act of breathtaking arrogance. we know the senate does not like this current proposal, that the house has thrown out. why not come to work on sunday? why wait until monday? >> if you knuckle in a little bit the rest of obama presidency you'll see this brinksmanship over and over and over again. in the last two show downs over the debt ceiling and then over the tax package initially, you can't reason with them. this is -- they're out to destroy his presidency. i'm not an apoll gist for the -- apologist for the president. the president has finally
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reached his frustration point where he has said, i'm not going to give in over that tactic. and he has the support of the american people. >> thanks for coming in tonight. and the spirited debate continues in washington. meantime, the leaders of israel and palestine have both promised to dial back violence between their countries. both prime ministers are in new york to address the united nations. meetings from the india and pakistan, keeping in mind many challenges that both countries face separately and together before we see symbolism turn into more meaningful dialogue perhaps a more permanent way forward for both countries. we should say in terms of this meeting itself india has
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remained divided while the government has been keen to proceed. the major opposition party has said in fact india should have abandoned this meeting albeit symbolic given the rise of violence that we have seen in kashmir over the week, there were separate militant attacks which really raised quite a bit of debate in india. going forward it is unclear as to where things go from here or how long things will take as far as discussion. on the one hand india is coming up to an election next year which provides some amount of pressure for government and the prime minister. on the odor hand, noa sharif faces his own issues. altogether a symbolic issue,
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unclear where we go from here but certainly a start for relationship normalization for both countries. >> well to africa now where ivory poachers have slaughtered more than 90 elephants with a new weapon, they poisoned a water hole in a preserve. these elephants were poisoned by poachers using sigh flied. police have foun found cyanide. >> we will not lou these poachers. we have also seen the past few days the jailing of some of the criminals, upwards of 16 years, and anybody involved in this poaching exercise will not escape our justice delivery
11:40 pm
system in terms of sending them to prison. >> more than 90 dead elephants have been found. officials believe their tusks have been sold to dealers in asia in which ivory is in high demand. it is impossible to know where the contamination is started. more than 4,000 square kilometers, you can't just put up a sign that says please don't drink the water. government officials say they are struggling to deal with poachings, because of targeted sarchtionsanctions placed more n years ago. >> the downstream effect of all the animals that are probably going to die and perish because of this by being poisoned is absolutely alarming. i'd like to see that the parks
11:41 pm
are doing their best but they are constrained because of the financial position at the moment. >> zimbabwe is home to many of the largest groups of elephants. national game park, zimbabwe. boat caught fire in london, happened in the thames. the tourists were riding on one of london's familiar duck boats. everybody did get out and no one fortunately was seriously hurt. the e coli bacteria known to most for causing food poisoning, but you will be glad to know that scrients have pu -- sciente put it to good use. lowering your food bills.
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and michael eaves on sports. stuff gets complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. scientists have created a strain of back steer ya that makes fuel for cars. al jazeera's harry faucett has that report. >> celebrating a break through, using a gently modified version of e coli, breaking fatty acids into proam. >> the reason i use this strain is it is very easy to manipulate and then the information was well informed. >> similar methods have produced diesel before but first time petrol with its shorter molecular chains his been created. the team has emphasized for the
11:45 pm
moment they created the culture. using sugar and bacteria, at the other end only half of one gram of fuel is produced. scaling this process up will be a different practice entirely. the advantage say the korean scientists say it makes the fuel already used in millions of tons of campus chun engines. ethanol industry of using ethanol to produce not feud but fuel. >> so-called food versus fuel, i do not agree because if you do the mass balance you have tons of biomass that have been wasted. you don't have to use fuel, crops, you don't actually have to disrupt a large area. >> professor lee admitted it will take years to make it from
11:46 pm
the lab to the petrol pumps. but their method represents an alternative. >> the prince of wales, is under scrutiny for his business dealing. being investigated by the u.k. parliament. in part 2 in our look at prince charles, some think this member of the royal family is exceeding his properties. >> southwestern corner of england. when the dutchy reply applies, it always gets its way. it is found to be secretive as well as powerful. >> what information comes out is trickle trickle. what they want to do in this century, anything to do with the monarchy or the monarch's son
11:47 pm
should be open and transparent. >> you think it isn't? >> no it isn't. >> the dutchy is worth well over $1 billion. should he really be doing this sort of thing at all? >> there's certainly no doubt in the financial muscle of the dutchy muc of cornwall. political decisions often against the interests of people who live here. opponents of the prince of wales in london, say that raises serious questions about the conduct of the man who one day will be king. the rule says that not only does the queen meet the prime minister every week but charles is known to meet prime ministers
11:48 pm
on things he is concerned about. >> he has a rather curious mind sort of world view which is kind of a combination of you know traditional christian values and eastern mysticism and environmentallallism that puts him in the manor house with his ser serfs. >> the prince is sort of a gadfly putting independent views, so long as it's not party political, he has the right to do it. if we don't want him to do it we ought to define what the prince of wales actually should mean. but if it's opening things include him out. >> at the time when support of
11:49 pm
monarchy, the debate of charles finances runs against grain of popular opinion. suggests the establishment itself wants to clear up what might become an image problem in the future. lawrence lee, al jazeera in cornwall. >> well, michael eaves is back here with sports and i'm glad that the miami marlins finally caught a break. >> bad season, good finish to the season. despite winning two world series titles, major league baseball and miami haven't been a good mix and when you add the team's brand influence but mostly empty stadium some might call it a disaster. but today on the final day of an otherwise disappointing season, henderson, after blanking the al central champion detroit tigers,
11:50 pm
he ended up celebrating his no hitter as he stood on the on deck circle. two out one on pitch at the bottom of the 9th inning, to secure a no hitter and the fifth in marlins history. now to the nfl where peyton manning is turning the 2013 season into his own personal highlight reel. 12 touchdowns through the first three games of the season. he would add to that total today, manning led the eagles secondary, 327 yards for another four touchdowns bringing his season total to an nfl record through the first four games to 16 and get this: he still hasn't thrown an interception this year. another blowout win 52-20 the final over the eagles. >> such as i said there are things we could improve on.
11:51 pm
things we're doing well that we need to continue to do. the second half we made good adjustments, coaches tightened up some things and our execution sell half was good. we were disappointed, that first drive, that last drive of the first half, not getting points. we were in field goal or even touchdown range and to have no points there was disappointing but our second half execution was good once again. >> oftentimes when we are surprised by a sports team it's because they perform better than most had expected but the reverse can also be true and that brings us to the game between 3-0 kansas city chiefs and the 0 and 3 giants. first time since 2003 alex smith got them off to a good start by a first quarter touchdown. giants hadn't started the season 0 and 4 since 1976.
11:52 pm
eli manning, 18 for 37 with 227 yards and an interception. chiefs had all factors of their teamworking today. 84 yards and a touchdown as the cheeches go on to -- chiefs go on to improve to a 34-7 win, while the giants are 0 and 4 since the struk season in 1987. >> there is no continuity. there's no rhythm, there's a play here and a play there, but there really isn't any rhythm, we don't make any first downs, like throwing a dart at a board. there's no feeling for the ball being quowl continuously moved n
11:53 pm
the field. >> it is a bring u bulletin on e screen for them. they've done amazing things over time having competed against them the last few years. >> in detroit, the lions, have two of the most exciting players in the league, calvin johnson, who caught four passes for touchdowns, reggie bush rushed for 139 yards on 18 carries including a 37 yard scamper for a score as detroit hands the bears their first loss of the season 40-32, second time in the last 11 meetings between these two teams that the lions have beaten the bears. bills and e.j. manuel, taking down the defending super bowl ravens, he did connect on a
11:54 pm
42 yard touchdown to robert woods, it was so good for manuel, it was so bad for joe flacco, got picked off five times. killing some fantasy teams up there and the bills beat the ravens, 23-20. >> poor joe pickoff. thanks michael. some sad news tonight. the popular cookbook author, marcel la hazan, has died. 89-year-old's husband first translated her books into english. hazzan was known for her simple recipes. she died in florida this morning. america's love for the automobile was in high gear in pierce, nebraska this weekend.
11:55 pm
thousands converged on a muddy field for an auction of vintage chevrolets. one of the largest connections, some of those cars dated to the '50s, brand-new, with as little as 1 mile on the odometer. worth a lot of money, too. stay with us. closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> i'm dave warren. pressure dropped quickly in the west. line of heavy showers, even a few thunderstorms is moving through seattle now. that is the front. as soon as that moves through the wind will change direction and really increase in speed. seen some wind gusts in northwestern washington, 70, 80 miles an hour, higher elevation. with all the rain that's come down, that could cause damage with many trees with leaves still on them.
11:58 pm
front moving through this wind will really be increasing throughout the night tonight in the northwest and even through oregon. now, the rain is moving out as the storm pushes out but the next 24 hours, certainly rain in the higher elevations in montana, idaho, two, three inches of rain, a lot of that has come down already, another few inches are possible. flash flood warnings are in effect, warnings and advisories all the way to montana and wyoming. higher elevations are getting snow out of this storm. wednesday, thursday, friday driepg out, just a few clouds, temperatures right about 60°. in the midwest we are looking at cooler weather, down to 63, in chicago it did climb into the upper 60s but that temperature will quickly rebound as this front moves through. now temperatures are really
11:59 pm
starting to warm up into the 70s, minneapolis has jumpled jup to 77 and in the 80s after a brief cool down today. mid atlantic states, not much happening on the radar but a storm tracking to the north, will bring wind possibly rain to new england, eastern canada but not new york. temperatures into the 70s monday and tuesday, there is an 80° temperature on wednesday, thursday 80°, 77 on friday so it does warm up a bit once that storm clears out. tropical depression in the atlantic is expected to stay out to sea, we are continuing to monitor the tropics though seeing if anything develops but for now things are fairly quiet except for the northwest, that storm will continue to gust overnight. that's a look at your national forecast, we'll take a look at your headlines coming up.
12:00 am
>> and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz and here are tonight's stop stories. all eyes are on capitol hill. the budget shut down is imminent. a bill will continue to fund the government but delay the president's affordable care act. the senate is expected to remove the provision and send it right back to the house. a second of storms pounding the pacific northwest near hurricane force winds and heavy rains moving into that area. already brought a month's worth of


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